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4 Steps How to Measure Car Speakers Size

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Your car is like your second home. It is your personal space and having your own blend of music and entertainment personalizes it all the more. The only drag to that party may be your best car speakers world which have seen better days. Now you are not to play your music up too loud because the speakers are giving off an irritating rattle. While you may be shying away from taking your car for a speaker refit because of the price attached to it, you should know it is very possible to do it yourself. All it takes is to know the speaker sizes, purchase them, and fit them all in a day’s work. It will save you a precious penny. Here’s how to measure car speakers size.

Get the Original Speakers

In this step you will require a Philips screw driver in order to access the speakers that are already installed. The reason you need to get these speakers is so as to get perfect fitting double din head unit speakers that share the same dimensions as the ones before. You may need to remove the door panels to access them. If you are getting front and rear speakers, ensure that they are of the same size by checking the rear speakers as well.

Measure the Maximum Diameter

Once you have the original speakers, you will need a measuring tape in order to measure the dimensions of the shallow mount subwoofer speakers. You will begin by measuring the maximum diameter across the speaker. If the speaker is circular, then the maximum diameter will be right across its middle. If it is oval, then you will need to measure both the short and long lengths. Note this down.

Measure the internal Diameter

Next you will need to measure the internal diameter of the speaker. This is the area which stops before the frame support of the speaker begins. It will help you know the exact measurement of the diameter so as not to get a speaker that will not fit the allocated space by being too small or too big.

Measure the Speaker Height

The height of a speaker is the length from the beginning of the base (usually the magnet) to the end of the frame. This is known as the mounting depth and is usually vital in limited spaces like door mounting spaces.

It is advisable to get the exact speakers unless you are upgrading to better sounding speakers as this makes it easier just knowing the batch number of the speaker. If this is not an option, make a cardboard cutout to get the diameter and screw mountings for ease of selection. This is how to measure car speakers size.